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iTunes - Constructing Walking Jazz Bass Lines 

Constructing Walking Jazz Bass Lines Book I - The Blues in 12 keys Bass Tab Edition.

Now available for the iPad 

Constructing Walking Jazz Bass Lines-Walking Bass lines -  the Blues in 12 keys Bass tab edition.

The Blues in 12 Keys is a complete guide demonstrating the devices used to construct walking bass lines in the jazz tradition. The book starts out in Part 1 by demonstrating the various techniques used to provide forward motion into the bass lines, while providing a strong harmonic and rhythmic foundation. The exercises are designed to give the electric bassist strong jazz bass lines in the bottom register of the instrument. As an added bonus for the electric bassist Part 1 provides a complete study of the blues in F whilst in the first position. This is an excellent technique builder in itself. Part 2 expands on the lessons and techniques used in Part 1 providing the bassist with the previous devices used in professional level bass lines in all 12 keys. Included is over 150 choruses of jazz blues lines in all 12 keys using the whole register of the instrument. There are many advanced principles applied in the following bass lines whilst never losing sight of the functioning principle of the bass in the jazz idiom.

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